How to improve the ranking of products on Amazon with proper method that does not violate Amazon rules is a difficulty that many sellers will encounter and is a problem that every seller want to solved.

This article introduces a free tool which is known to only few amazon sellers that helps to improve the Amazon listing keywords ranking. 

The Shopping Process and Unofficial Ranking Theory

Before introducing how to use this free amazon seller tool, we need to understand two key points.

  1. The shopping process of buyers on Amazon
  2. The unofficial theory of Amazon product ranking

A.The shopping process of buyers on Amazon

Example, Susan is going to buy a smart speaker on amazon. Here is her shopping process.

  1. Open Amazon website
  2. Enter keywords smart speaker in the search box
  3. Click the search button
  4. Browse the product and click on the product she likes
  5. If cannot find the product she likes, change keywords and repeat the steps again

B.The unofficial theory of Amazon product ranking

When Susan is searching for products, Amazon will record the following information

  1. The keyword smart speaker 
  2. The product listing Susan clicked
  3. The time of the shopping process

When a large number of buyers like Susan searching for smart speaker with similar keywords, the searched keyword and the last clicked product will constitute a matching connection.

If more people click on this product via the given keywords like smart speaker, the product will be more likely to appear in the result list when some new buyers searching for keyword smart speaker.

The more people click on a certain product through specific search keywords, it means to amazon that the higher the matching degree between the search keyword and the clicked product.

Amazon will give this product listing a higher ranking for this search keyword, so as to increase product exposure and sales.

External traffic for new amazon product listings

What will sellers do when a new product listing does not have any keyword rankings?

Normally Amazon sellers might divert traffic to their product listings outside amazon.

Sellers might cooperate with YouTuber, social media influencers or make use of email marketing, Facebook ads, blog posts, etc. to drive traffic to the product listings.

By increasing amazon sales the amazon listing ranking will improve.

This is undoubtedly a good way to increase amazon listing ranking.

But when buyers click the link directly link to the product page, Amazon will not record the process of matching keywords with product listing. Therefore no help in increasing the keyword ranking of the listing.

Is there a way to use this external traffic to increase sales while improving the matching between search keywords and product listing? (Ask the buyers to search for various keywords and then click on our products.)

The answer is yes.

But only a few buyers are willing to do so for buyers’ purpose is to quickly obtain the products they want (promoted by influencers), rather than experiencing the search process to help sellers increase listing ranking.

Unless sellers are willing to sell products at a lower price, or even pay a higher price for them to do so.

Even if they agree to do so, another problem arises. 

Sellers need to contact different buyers one-on-one, give them different search keywords, and let them search for keywords on Amazon at a different time and find the corresponding products to buy. 

At the same time, monitor if they do as required.

This operation requires a lot of time and manpower investment, and the ROI is not high for the sellers.

The Tool to Solve Problems. 

Need a tool to solve the problems?

That is why we developed

Amazon sellers only need to copy the Amazon product short link set by and send it to buyers.

When the buyer clicks on the product link, Amazon will automatically record the search keywords, time, and target product page.

Therefore increase the matching degree between keywords and product listing.

For buyers there is no change of the shopping experience, the link goes directly to the product page as usual.

Example: Amazon Super URL Explain

Here is an example of the special link.

The link of the Echo dot product on amazon is like this

If you search keywords Smart speaker through Amazon the link is

As you can see, the link contains keywords Smart speaker.

At the same time, in the link, there is also a qid, this is a timestamp, recording the current time.

How to use

So how do we generate such a link automatically?

Step1: Open super URL generator (No registration required, 100% free website)

Step2: Enter the Amazon product link and click “Get”.









Step3:Enter the keywords and set the weights of the keywords.

You can set multiple keywords for a product listing URL.

The tool will randomly increase the probability of using the keyword to open the product page according to the weight you set.

The higher the weight, the greater the probability.

Step4: Click Generate and you will get the shorten amazon super url.

Step5: Copy this link to the browser and open it a few more times to observe the changes of keywords and timestamps.

If there is no problem, you can use it as a promotion link outside Amazon.

Step6: If you need to view the link clicks, you can register for a free account and check the statistical report.

That’s it.

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